Saturday, May 17, 2008

No Great Warrior

This is the most concise statement that I have made concerning my experience in war and the repercussions of war.

No Great Warrior

I have felt but little rage.
I experienced little of the
manic combat
that breed such feelings.
I was merely a confused kid,
an inept, yet sometimes
competent, infantry soldier
who did not shrink from the
close proximity to death.

I felt afraid, exhausted, numb,
occasionally exhilarated.
I attempted to kill. I witnessed death.
I felt the scourge of war.
I knew love in the midst of chaos.

When I arrived home
and for many years after
I hurt.

1 comment:

Searching Soul (a.k.a Darleen Pryds) said...

As with so many of your poems, this is powerful in its sparse language. Direct and raw, it speaks the truth of war.